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JP-2013100431-A: 高分岐型フィルム用スチレン系樹脂組成物及びスチレン系樹脂フィルム patent, JP-2013101318-A: 接着剤層を有する画像表示装置用ユニット及び該ユニットを用いた画像表示装置 patent, JP-2013126783-A: Wheel position detecting device and tire air pressure detecting device including the same patent, JP-2013127321-A: Heat transfer tube having leakage detection function, and outer tube used for the same patent, JP-2013146317-A: ウェブ体 patent, JP-2013149160-A: 情報処理装置、その制御方法、およびプログラム patent, JP-2013156755-A: Handy terminal, charger for handy terminal, and method for charging handy terminal patent, JP-2013164466-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-2013183144-A: Lens for concentrating solar cell and method for manufacturing the same patent, JP-2013524728-A: シグナリングシステム、前置増幅器、メモリデバイスおよび方法。 patent, JP-2013543668-A: 16qam光信号の生成 patent, JP-2014012634-A: Glass substrate with dry film for organic el display patent, JP-2014017503-A: Multilayer printed wiring board manufacturing method patent, JP-2014134020-A: Heat insulation panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, JP-2014137206-A: 給湯装置 patent, JP-2014173094-A: Carrier-provided copper foil, method of producing carrier-provided copper foil, printed wiring board, printed circuit board, copper-clad laminate and method of producing printed wiring board patent, JP-2014184614-A: 液体吐出ヘッドの製造方法 patent, JP-2014235107-A: Gas sensor control device patent, JP-2014512147-A: 通信方法及び装置 patent, JP-2014515894-A: エントロピ復号方法及びそれを利用する復号装置 patent, JP-2014529879-A: 光コンバータ及び該光コンバータを有する照明ユニット patent, JP-2015014964-A: タッチパネルセンサおよびタッチ位置検出機能付き表示装置 patent, JP-2015069547-A: Server device, terminal device, communication method, and computer program patent, JP-2015082599-A: 化合物半導体装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2015088771-A: 画像処理装置、撮像装置および画像処理プログラム patent, DE-152333-C: patent, JP-2015094415-A: Solenoid valve patent, JP-2015107344-A: Surgical sutures incorporated with stem cells or other bioactive materials patent, JP-2015145965-A: 表示装置 patent, JP-2015159884-A: Intravesical pressure measuring apparatus patent, JP-2015182170-A: 工作機械 patent, JP-2015192757-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2015221351-A: スロットマシン patent, JP-2016005614-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2016041775-A: Surface protective film and optical component laminated with the same patent, JP-2016104456-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2016145964-A: 投写型映像表示装置 patent, JP-2017035086-A: Antibodies reactive with b7-h3, immunologically active fragments thereof and uses thereof patent, JP-2017094865-A: 燃料タンクシステム patent, JP-H02173380-A: Scroll compressor patent, JP-H0816382-A: Erroneously corrected line retrieving device patent, JP-S6141746-A: High strength and high corrosion resistance heat resisting steel superior in hot workability patent, KR-20160043644-A: Continuous Toner Powder Supply System for Laser Printers and Copiers patent, NL-9201295-A: Optische lees- en schrijfinrichting. patent, JP-H01145670-U: patent, JP-WO2008047866-A1: 樹脂組成物及びそれを含む被膜形成材料 patent, JP-WO2012014746-A1: αリポ酸複合体 patent, JP-WO2014084355-A1: 眼内レンズの挿入器具 patent, US-2001018362-A1: Methods and apparatus for shading object drawings in video games patent, US-2001027539-A1: Test pattern selection apparatus for selecting test pattern from a plurality of check patterns patent, US-2001039538-A1: Logical fuzzy union and intersection operation calculation circuit patent, US-2002089985-A1: Access control unit patent, US-2002107191-A1: Combination drug therapy patent, US-2002132130-A1: Corrugated structural metal plate patent, US-2002179194-A1: High storage capacity, fast kinetics, long cycle-life, hydrogen storage alloys patent, US-2002191137-A1: Liquid crystal panel substrate having alignment film and method for forming alignment film patent, US-2003025817-A1: Solid state imaging device, signal processing method and driving method therefor and camera patent, US-2003037031-A1: Mechanism for automatically generating a transformation document patent, US-2003051545-A1: Wheel cover patent, US-2003060503-A1: Nutritional supplements for mature pets patent, US-2003064592-A1: Protective tape applying and separating methods patent, US-2003082104-A1: Imaging method and imaging apparatus, in particular for small animal imaging patent, US-2003088447-A1: Computer-based business planning processes patent, US-2003101178-A1: Information retrieval/transmission method and recording medium recording program instructing procedure for information retrieval/transmission patent, US-2003109623-A1: Thermoplastic polyurethane-silicone elastomers patent, US-2003126230-A1: Method and system for transmitting information across a firewall patent, US-2003143047-A1: Cutting tool and cutting method using the cutting tool patent, US-2003161237-A1: Optical disk device patent, US-2003175125-A1: Operation control method of reciprocating compressor patent, KR-100747109-B1: Module management system for repeater patent, KR-100849228-B1: 생체 삽입용 의료기기의 유도기구 patent, JP-4572861-B2: 現像剤担持体、現像剤担持体の製造方法、現像装置、および画像形成装置 patent, JP-4581356-B2: ドライバの心身状態判定装置及びドライバの運転支援装置 patent, JP-4597231-B2: ディジタル情報記録再生装置、ディジタル情報受信装置、ディジタル情報送受信システム、ディジタル情報受信方法、およびディジタル情報送受信方法 patent, JP-4603921-B2: 内燃機関の燃料噴射制御方法 patent, JP-4621018-B2: 自動車用ホイール patent, JP-4658989-B2: アミノ樹脂粒子、その製造方法およびその用途 patent, JP-4667239-B2: 親水性ポリオレフィン材料およびその製造方法 patent, JP-4675735-B2: 鞍乗り型車両の車体後部構造 patent, JP-4705334-B2: 電子部品用セパレータ及びその製造方法 patent, JP-5203463-B2: 移動通信システム、移動局装置、基地局装置、移動局装置の通信方法、および、基地局装置の通信方法 patent, JP-5372254-B2: サーバ装置、投稿情報処理方法、投稿情報処理プログラム及び記録媒体 patent, JP-5590024-B2: 温暖化係数の低いハイドロフルオロプロペンを含む冷媒組成物 patent, JP-6008337-B2: 扁平形電池 patent, JP-S5611123-B2: patent, RU-2618183-C2: Heat exchanger heating method of the houses heating system and other objects and device for the method implementation patent, JP-2008085984-A: Electroacoustic transducer and diaphragm patent, JP-2008105423-A: アニロックス印刷機のための製版 patent, JP-2008119020-A: 検出値較正方法、x線ct装置、較正用ファントムおよび保持具 patent, JP-2008125117-A: Apparatus and method for processing image patent, JP-2008250006-A: 表示装置及びその駆動方法、並びに、表示駆動装置及びその駆動方法 patent, JP-2008303221-A: Photosensitive compound and photoresist composition containing the same patent, JP-2008508050-A: 単一リーフx線コリメータ patent, JP-2008522545-A: 適応型前方誤り訂正 patent, JP-2009013406-A: ポリ乳酸系樹脂組成物、ポリ乳酸系フィルム、並びに該フィルムを用いた成形品、延伸フィルム、熱収縮性ラベル、及び該ラベルを装着した容器 patent, JP-2009163493-A: Automatic transaction device patent, JP-2009164141-A: Electron emission element, electron emission device, self-light emitting device, image display device, air-blowing device, cooling device, charging device, image forming device, electron beam hardening device, and manufacturing method of electron emission element patent, JP-2009175334-A: Microscopic system, image forming method, and program patent, JP-2009209115-A: Inflammatory alveolar bone resorption inhibitor patent, JP-2009214087-A: 下水汚泥処理方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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